Richard Colburn Photographer
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 2016Hopewell M.B. Church, Greenville, Mississippi 2016. Arson Attack and Trump Graffiti Nov.1, 2016Barges, Triangle Boat Club Fishing Access, Pemiscot Co. Missouri 2016Black Bayou, Glendora, Mississippi 2016Cottonwood Point, Caruthersville, Missouri 2016Moon Lake, Coahoma Co. Mississippi 2016S. P. Reynolds Fishing Access, Caruthersville, Missouri 2016Turrell, Arkansas 2016Rosedale, Mississippi 2016Lake Village, Arkansas  2016Former Black Bayou School, Glendora, Mississippi 2016Lake Chicot State Park, Arkansas 2016Sonny Boy Williamson Mural, Tutwiler, Mississippi 2016Blues Marker, Shelby, Mississippi 2016Pat Thomas, Highway 61 Blues Museum, Leland, Mississippi 2016Klondike, Illinois 2016Cairo, Illinois 2016Cow Bayou - East, Soudan, Arkansas 2016Cow Bayou - West, Soudan, Arkansas 2016Triangle Boat Club Fishing Access, Pemiscot Co. Missouri 2016Cottonwood Park, New Madrid, Missouri 2016Tanisha, Triangle Boat Club Fishing Access, Pemiscot Co. Missouri 2016Cottonwood, S.P. Reynolds Fishing Access, Caruthersville, Missouri 2016Johnny, Connerly Bayou, Arkansas 2016Car, Cottonwood Point, Caruthersville, Missouri 2016Mound Bayou, Mississippi 2106
Mound Bayou was the first all black town in Mississippi. Founded in 1887. Today the population is 98.6% African American.Community Center, Benoit, Mississippi 2016Country Store, Ditch Bayou, Arkansas 2016Dale with Princess and Precious, San Souci River Access, Osceola, Arkansas 2016Site of Muddy Waters' Cabin, Stovall, Mississippi 2016Chair near Connerly Bayou, Arkansas 2016Horseshoe Lake, Illinois 2016Jerry and Kem near Lamont, Mississippi 2016 They are riding 600 miles from Sebree, Kentucky, to Natchez, Mississippi, because they aren't, "getting any younger". Cottonwoods, Triangle Boat Club Fishing Access, Pemiscot Co. Missouri 2016Horseshed near Cow Bayou, Soudan, Arkansas 2016Frenchmans Bayou, Arkansas 2016Store, Benoit, Mississippi 2016Street, Shelby, Mississippi 2016Asian Carp, Horseshoe Lake, Illinois 2016Near Cow Bayou, Soudan, Arkansas 2016Floodwater, Moss Island W.M.A., Hale Point, Tennessee  2016Shelby, Mississippi 2106Bill and Speedy fishing for crappies, Horseshoe Lake, Illinois 2016Tunica River Park, Tunica, Mississippi 2016Lions Chicken Barbecue, Kosciusko, Mississippi 2106Site of Muddy Waters' Cabin, Stovall, Mississippi 2016Stovall, Mississippi 2016Howlin' Wolf Memorial, West Point, Mississippi 2016
Oxbows, Bayous, Blues and places in between

During the winter of 2015-16 some thoughts came together; Thomas Cole’s famous painting, The Oxbow, as defining an emerging American approach to painting; Lucinda Williams’ songs; and recollections of seeing and hearing Mississippi Fred McDowell and Muddy Waters.
Cole’s painting is set in Northampton, Massachusetts. Oxbows exist in most river systems and looked to me to be the most plentiful along the lower Mississippi. Lucinda Williams’ frequent mention of places makes them a character in her work. Both McDowell and Waters are from the Mississippi Delta, as were many country blues musicians. Once in Mississippi it was easy to plan travel from one Blues Trail marker to another.
It was a loose framework, an excuse to grab my camera and follow my nose. I may not have photographed any formally designated oxbows, but did find many bends in the Mississippi. Ponds, backwaters and bayous are plentiful. And, the blues is the blues and present everywhere in the Delta.